Blend School

Los Angeles, CA, 2009

This project site is located near the northwest corner of the Blend School. It is a pocket space that rests between a classroom building and a multi-story apartment building. Classroom doors open up to the site while the apartment building overlooks it.

The programmatic and design goal for this space is to be functional as an outdoor extension of classroom activities. Active and passive activities are encouraged by design.

The concept is based on creating an outdoor garden room that unites the indoor and outdoor classroom experience.

Elements include low maintenance columnar Italian Cypress trees planted on two sides of the site to create a green architectural edge. This edge enhances the feeling of an outdoor room whilst functioning as a privacy and sound screen. The site is divided equally as lawn and patio space for active and passive recreation. A seatwall lines a portion of the south edge as the foliage of the fragrant Lilac Vine defines the east and west walls. A river rock runnel collects stormwater runoff from the patio.