Cheng Padavos Residence

Los Angeles, CA, 2012

The Cheng Padavos residential site is located on a hillside in the Hollywoodland community of Los Angeles. The site offers close and clear views of the Hollywood Sign and Beachwood Canyon.

Two artists — a Grammy Award winning classical pianist, and a professional photographer, have goals of creating a low maintenance and low water use native landscape.

The design concept is based on creating micro-climatic landscape zones that convey a strong sense of the various natural conditions of native flora. The only non-native plants are those proposed for the patios.

Elements include a large patio that is connected to the southeast side of the house. It will be planted with one evergreen magnolia tree, and one deciduous pink trumpet tree. The rich texture and color of a sycamore trunk will grow through a deck that cantilevers from the southwest elevation of the house. A small patio on the northwest side of the house will provide intimate seating for two.