Lehner Residence

Hollywood, CA, 2010

The Lehner residential site is nearly level and located in the Melrose District of Hollywood, CA.

The concept is based on applying durable materials to the four main zones of the garden. The zones include an outdoor living room that is an extension of the main living room of the house, an active play area for children, a sun patio, and a front yard designed with drought tolerant plants.

The primary function of the landscape is to provide outdoor living spaces for a couple and their two young children. Outdoor living activities are encouraged by incorporating a small lawn for toddlers to play, areas to lounge in both shade and sun, and a front yard that provides a variety of plant textures and colors for the family to enjoy.

Elements include a recycled redwood deck that connects to the living room of the house. The deck receives shade most of the day from palm trees. A custom steel planter is formed into the deck and is flush mounted with the top of the deck; it is planted with Lavender to add fragrance to the garden. The lawn is planted with drought tolerant grass, and is connected to the master bedroom by a plinth-like concrete step. A cast-in-place Portland Cement patio provides a flexible space for sun bathing. The concrete patio continues as a paver path on the north side of the garden and is custom formed to allow rainwater to flow away from the house into a planting bed. A 12’ tall Podocarpus hedge lines the pathway corridor and provides privacy. The sun patio is bordered on two sides with a colorful and textural mix of drought tolerant plants. Welded wire mesh is installed on the fence bordering the deck and lawn and is planted with climbing fig. A 6” layer of crushed rock is installed along the North corridor for rainwater retention and groundwater recharge. The front yard is planted with a carpet of yellow flowering Gazania. Sculptural plants such as Agave and Cordyline — provide a striking contrast to the Gazania by rising pointedly from the ground cover.