Martinez Residence

Los Angeles, CA, 2007

The Martinez residence is located in the Los Angeles suburb of Pacoima, California. It is a level residential landscape that receives full sun for most of the day.

The primary goal for the garden is to serve the multiple leisurely and recreational activities that accompany a young family of four.

The concept is based on utilizing drought tolerant plants in a high use recreational environment. The concept also provides a stark contrast between the wild and manicured landscape.

Primary access from the front yard to the back yard is made available by a winding path along the side of the house – the path is studded on both sides with organ pipe cactus. Design elements also include a fire pit with a seat wall, a circular patio with a water feature recessed into its center, and a rectangular lawn area with a long seat wall. All planting beds consist of site-specific, native, California drought tolerant plants.